Sunday, February 04, 2007

What can I say? I'm Psychic...

Forgive me a moment of self-indulgent patting myself on the back. But, I don't write in over a month, the first time that I do write, I feel compelled to make snide comments about the strange quiet in the media with regards to American deaths in Iraq and the next day....WHAM!

That is the cover story on the BBC for their "Americas" section on the news site that I have linked to the right for your convenience. Can I call 'em or what? The force is strong with me, if I do say so myself.

Let me say this: I love the BBC. I love the BBC because if you do a search for news stories on February 4, 2007 on CNN, Fox or ABC you will not find that story.

In contrast, Fox's top story is about the ruthless effectiveness of our allies in the middle east, the Israeli's (read: our team is better than their team).,2933,250196,00.html

CNN's top story is about Jesus-freaks in Florida praying over the wreckage of their church, destroyed in a freak touch down of tornados (read: only God can save us from the effects of climate change and the associate wrath-of-God-type weather we're about to get hit with since our environmental policy is being set by polluting corporations with more wealth than the Pope).

ABC's top story is a feature on what a tough talking, logically minded, patriotic team player John McCain is. Let me say this about John McCain: once upon a time, McCain had an itsy-bitsy-teensy-weensie-bit of credibility with least as much as John Kerry did. Then, McCain stated playing suck-up to the weirdo Christians because that's what the GOP electoral sorcerors told him he had to do in order to be competetive in the next Presidential election. At this point, more than anything else, McCain seems to be, in simplest terms, bought. He is not his own man anymore and you can tell.

McCain makes a good point: obstructing the President's agenda without a solid alternative is useless. And so our troops will continue to languish amidst a collective lack of imagination that illustrates that for however lame, ignorant and pathetic W and Co. might be, the democrats are equally, if not more, contemptible for offerring nothing more than a pretense of alternative and thus our erstwhile republic devolves into little more than bad theater.


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