Sunday, August 26, 2007

George W. Bush: Irresponsible and Ignorant

So much going on...This summer, I went to Montreal for a week; scoping out a possible destination for emigration. I took my wife and daughter and a good time was had by all. I came back--back to the US, back to New Orleans--and now I am back at work, I am reading the news and the familiar feeling of rising bile is settling in again.
Last week, George W. Bush compared his failed campaign in Iraq to another failed military adventure in America's recent history: Vietnam. Suggesting that the problem with Vietnam was that America was winning until commies and faggots (I'm assuming) hoodwinked the American people into believing that we were losing that war, and thus precipitated a premature withdrawal that had disasterous consequences for the freedom-loving people of South Vietnam. Bush proceeds to warn against a similar scenario in Iraq.
John Kerry referred to Bush's comments as "irresponsible and ignorant."
Fuckin' way to go John!
It is about time John Kerry loosened up his patrician knickers and called that spade a spade. It's too bad he didn't feel confident to stick it to W like that when he was running against him in 2004.
Of course there are similarities between the wars in Vietnam and Iraq. In both instances, Americans found themselves fighting people who refused to play by their rules, who did not accept the superiority of American political ideals and who were willing to kill to safeguard their autonomy. In both instances, ignorant hicks from Texas (LBJ was a fuckin' yahoo too) brought our country into conflict with people whose culture we did not understand. In both instances, thousands of Americans had to die before the country was finally willing to step back and reevaluate.
Irresonsible and ignorant? Hell, that is only a best-case scenario...


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