Monday, December 17, 2007

What choice?

"I was pleased to see... no policy changes to the Petraeus plan," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Is this why the Democrats were elected? We knew that they wouldn't impeach Dubya. We knew they would get down on their knees for big business. We knew they were just as capable of corruption as the Republicans. However, they SAID they would start evidencing a little opposition to Dubya's military adventures.

No policy changes at all to the Petraeus plan is not opposition. Petraeus was propped up before congress in order to give a military voice to Dubya's ideological position on Iraq. There are far more former-generals who have decried this clusterfuck in Mesopotamia; Petaeus was chosen for the job of spokesman based on the congruence between his delusions and Dubya's.

Stay the course. The Surge is working. Keep sending the money. Stop asking questions about how we are spending the money.

What do we need a Democratic Party for if they aren't willing to offer some counter-proposals? If they all want to prounce about and declare Dubya's war illegal, then why are they funding it? Wouldn't that make them culpable? You bet your ass it makes them culpable.

And that is why the Democratic Party will not get my vote next November, no matter who their candidate is.


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