Thursday, November 09, 2006

Big Deal

So, the gutless, spineless Democrats have taken congress. Woop-di-do...

In the darkest recesses of my paranoid mind, I suspect that this is yet another indulgence of the sham-theater of American politics where another flavor of criminal is brought out into the public eye in order to deflect attention from the straight up criminals that have worn out their welcome with the American people.

Everywhere you look, everyone is talking about nonsense, bullshit, bipartisan reach arounds. Is that how the Republicans reacted in 1994 when they swept Clinton's congress away in the Republican Revolution? No, it isn't. They went for broke: turning the clock back on health care reform, pursuing bullshit accusations of corruption that ultimately turned up nothing more than a blow job and a stained blue dress. How much money did they waste on Ken Starr's independant investigation of Clinton's backroom escapades with that chubby little felatrix? Too much is the correct answer, regardless of the figure.

Now, we find ourselves, as a nation, knee deep in some serious fucking trouble with massive deficits due to impact the fiscal security of our great-grandchildren, an unwinnable war in Asia and graft and back-handed payments to buddies of the vice president in a grand fiasco of corporate America suckling at the public tit. And the Democrats' response to this?

The new speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, said that the Democrats would govern with "integrity, civility, bipartisanship and fiscal responsibility."

"We promise to be non-threatening and to play nice," is all they have to say?


New Orleans, LA